Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green Drink Benefits

Here is an excellent article I found on the benefits of having a green drink. It doesn't get to in depth but it still offers some solid advice on green drink benefits. Due to the ingredients of green drinks you are going to experience a multitude of benefits from increased energy to elevated mood and a lot in between. Remember like anything else in life you would see change or benefits from doing something once. Real change have it be health or anything else comes from consist effort. Now sit back relax and enjoy this short article on on green drink benefits.

Green Drink - The Benefits Of Green Drinks For Maximum Health & Energy

By Will Johnson

When was the last time you had some fresh food. Days go by before some of us eat something fresh. In today's hectic life we are prone to having processed foods. All processed foods are acidic and take us towards illnesses. The solution lies in the green drink which is highly alkalizing and helps strengthen our immune system as well as energize us.

The green drink seems to be a dime a dozen. There are so many to choose from depending on your taste buds as well as your requirements. Each is a warehouse of alkalinity. So many varied highly alkaline ingredients are to be found in these drinks that their benefits are plenty. The common green drink available has kamut grass, alpha sprouts, broccoli, Dandelion greens, kale, kelp, wheat grass and many more such green vegetables and fruits. These ingredients have many benefits on the body. Kamut grass and alpha sprouts are known for decreasing cholesterol levels as well as weight. It is also a great way of adding proteins to ones diet. Since most of us consume protein in animal flesh form, which is acidic kamut grass protein is a better alternative. Including broccoli also helps fight cancer. Since broccoli is known as a cancer fighting food. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin c, a, b6 and b2. This drink with broccoli can boost ones immune system by many folds. Iron potassium and magnesium are all introduced in the system with this product. Kelp containing green drink is very useful in cell regeneration as well as developing the immune system. Such drinks are highly useful in fighting off several diseases like cancer, arthritis, coronary diseases or even the common cold. Finishing just one drink instantly strengthens our immune system and thus arms the body with a great weapon for fighting off all the viruses. Toxins which are released by the blood cells are easily disposed by the body and one feels energetic and healthy all through the day.

One might wonder as to why a green drink should be a better bet than consuming vegetables and fruits. Well simply put one would have to eat huge amounts of vegetables to derive similar benefits that one gets from just one glass of these drinks. The green drink powder can be consumed easily by mixing it with water. Since this powder is highly alkaline and made from living supplements one could have it for a week in half the recommended dosage and then eventually work up to a full dose. The green drink should be consumed four times a day. Needless to say that using alkaline water instead of plain water will enhance the benefits you receive.

The green drink is the most natural and easy way to consume alkaline substances. The benefits of green drink are amazing and one can within days feel the energy surge from within.

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I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I had. It gives you a taste of what to expect once you start regularly enjoying a cup of green drink. Remember its the consistency that counts, you will not notice the complete green drink benefits from occasionally drinking it. Bottoms up and enjoy.

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